My little space in the cyber world.

ACE230 teaching with multimedia: Before I attend the class, I thought this class consists of typical power point presentation and other tools that teachers use to teach in a classroom environment. As I start to do my course works for the class, my entire perception changed. I learn new style of teaching which is creating blogs online. I never heard about blog to teach a class. This class taught me how to create a blog, make it presentable for my classmates, sharing information through comment on each other posts. Most importantly, Edupunk’s-DIY assignment was really helpful for me. It has increased my self-confidence and helped me to believe in me that i can do my own work when no is available to assist me. Another important lesson that I learned is how to create poll through G-mail and share with classmates. I had no idea how to do it before. This class has helped me to portray an ideology that how I would teach my own class. Throughout the session, Professor was really helpful and productive. He also kept us busy with interesting assignments that I never felt the long duration of the class session. Individually, I did not know any of my classmates. However, exchanging comments and giving constructive feedback on the posts, I have known about their capabilities and talents. Overall, lesson from this class were really helpful that I will be able to utilize in my professional career as a teacher.

My rationalization and understanding to Gardner Campbell’s “a personal cyber infrastructure” is similar to having a own space in our house where we decorate the way we feel the best.  We tell people this is my space and create an identity for that little space in the digital web world. It is really fascinating when Gardner Campbell reveals cyber infrastructure as “Bag of Gold” meaning that any we do of our own and keep it in our cyber house, it will remain as bag of knowledge that will be equivalent to gold in the future. When we digitize our work as blog or post in online, it makes it more reachable than our documents that keep in our house. In the era of our digital life, if we create an infrastructure in the web, it brings availability of information to other people as well. They can find my work online, see comments, and use it for their need. By establishing cyber identity, it enhances my self-awareness and motivates me to do better work because I can obtain recognition of my work. If I want to build my cyber house,  it will have to keep believing in Jim Groom’s the notion of Edupunk’s theory and develop myself cyber identity in the contemporary digital community.


I see You…


When I wake up in the morning
when I go to sleep at night
when I hug my pillow
up so tight…

when I sit in my room
and look outside
when I see the star
that shine so bright..

when I walk in the darkness all alone
when I see the flower
that hasn’t yet grown…

when I face the wind
shivering cold
when I think about life
of when I grow old…

when I think about the changes
that are to come
even the moments
when I am stressed and numb

It’s only you who I see
Your nothing less than a part of me
Through all the happiness and sorrow
that life will bring
A day will come
when I will wear that ring

Till that day
have faith in me
have some courage
and you will see

There is place for you and me
Happily ever after we will be.

By Jess..

Most Memorable Moments!!!K12


Time passes by but we hold our moments in the frame of picture. I would ask my students for their final project to create a movie with their most memorable pictures. The tools that they would be using are: Windows movie maker, AVS video editor and etc. Additionally, they would create two power-point slides. On the first slide, they would write why the pictures are memorable to them. On second slide, I would want them to put all the pictures together.

The reason why I choose this project for the students is because I want them to collect their memories together and share with their friends on online. Also, by using technology, students could keep their pictures safe and their memories will remain vivid as they grow up. My intention for this project is to get to know the students better, how they grew up, what are their capacities, and their hidden skills. This particular project would help the students and teachers as well. Student will get to know find out what are they actually good at doing..

My video would be a example of how they would do their project.

I have created a video with AVS video editing..everything is done with AVS. I had to record the PowerPoint slide with iPhone then transferred to AVS.

Enjoy the chipmunks 😛


Watch this video and look better on your picture!!

It’s been always a curiosity to me, how model’s face looks immaculate on their photos. I have been looking for tools to identify the hidden truth. This tutorial video shows how Photoshop can change your facial look just clicking the cursor. I have made this video with just simply with my iPhone. First, I have chosen a picture of a model then changed her facial look with the photoshop makeup.

Thank you Edupunk….I will move on my own..

This is a modern educational ideology to bring self- sufficiency.  It expresses the notion that If there is no one for help, just remember you have your self. In the mist of this economic crisis, no one will help you but yourself. Everyone is busy running behind money. It is not 1970s anymore, when people would stop and offer help. Being self-sufficient we can save money and earn money as well. If we just know simple things of daily life, we actually don’t need help. The DIY punk ethic also applies to simple everyday living, such as learning bicycle repair rather than taking a bike to a mechanic’s shop, sewing/repairing/modifying clothing rather than buying new clothes, starting vegetable gardens, and reclaiming recyclable products by dumpster diving. As I was doing this assignment, I asked my friend to help me to find info about EDU punk. He said “he is writing his paper”. I said I believe in EDUpunk now, watch this I do my own..So instead of bugging him to help me and create an image, I actually took the time to search in YouTube to help me with Photoshop. And this is what I did: I took my own image and created this visual that tells how technology has improved my daily lives. By doing this on my own I figured and believed what Anya Kamenetz  said about learning..”DIY, or Do-It-Yourself, is a movement about self-reliance and empowerment. DIY communities help each other get the knowledge and tools they need to solve problems and accomplish goals on their own without being told how to act or being forced to spend a lot of money. That can mean growing your own food, fixing your own car, publishing your own writing or putting on your own rock show” I strongly believe if you put the effort to do something you can surly succeed. ..Below is the image I created with Photoshop.



In this video she talks about “Transformation of higher Education“. She gives an outline about what students can do to empower themselves,  what to look out for when going for higher education and to take charge and learn about the things they are really passionate about in a degree that makes sense for THEM. It is inevitable that when building our social networks such as on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc, that we connect with the people and practical experiences that can land us the job at the end of it all.  she is taking about how an individual can make transformation for higher education openness attitude meaning sharing information to others. more socialization in online. build online community this is also good for jobs people who are studying art and music by creating onlline community you are making a resume of self by making porfolio of your work online. You don’t have to have degree from expensive schools, you establish your credential by your work and get hired. But sometimes what we see is how employers can judge potential job seekers when those seekers do not have the requisite college degree, I’d like to point out that the students often manage to get “Degree” without learning much. Many job seekers have experience, references or a portfolio of work that shows their abilities that might be a better indicator of future job performance than a college degree. Employers use the college degree to screen out applicants without even considering them. This is a lazy and stupid way to select employees! Going through four years of college is an expensive way to qualify for consideration for a job for which you may be unfit, while others who might be great employees are locked out of even being considered. How stupid is that?

Answer to Poll question…

 Here is the link to my post..

My question was: How do we better ourselves by sharing what we know?

So far I got 3 answers to my question.

Ans to the question:

We better ourselves in many ways when we share. And I believe we are always sharing, from the way people dress, just going on the train and looking at so many people from so many places we learn about culture and how to interact with people. When we come up with a new idea even if it may sound stupid it can be the next question that answers many theories.  Sharing what we know only allows us to grow and keep growing”


” We benefit ourselves by sharing. If I know something about an issue and the other person has no knowledge of, it is my responsibility to share that information so that the issue can be resolved. Also by sharing, we bring cultures, communities, and people from all over together”

” By sharing we enhance the lives of others and get that intangible feeling of closeness and community. There is the possibility that others will be motivated to help us because we are participating in a culture of sharing. open journalism is an example of how sharing can be beneficial to many people whose lives are impacted by it”


We all have different learning styles and we also all have a different techniques to make our learning more effective. Sharing these techniques will enable others to improve their learning effectiveness. Definitely do agree with all the answer to my question. Sharing what we know only allows us to grow and keep growing. We share information everyday in our daily lives, weather its by dressing,cultural, communities or by interacting through internet. We learn so many things from sharing with others which motivate us to learn more. Not only does it help others to learn but it helps you to build up your self-confidence level.

If you know something, say something. That’s how we solve problems….

The notion of freedom is great. By Expressing informations and thoughts, we establish freedom and solve problems. In this video by Jay Rosen, he illustrates that only way we find out our problem is exchanging information among each other. Once we spread information around the world, we identify global problem which makes us aware of that particular problem. So, we can stay away from problems before it takes an effect in our daily lives.

“One of the things that’s changing our world and disrupting our industry,” Rosen noted during his talk, is “the falling cost for like-minded people to locate each other, share information, pool what they know, collaborate, and publish the results back to the world. This is what makes open-source culture possible.” It’s also what makes possible Rosen’s notion of ‘audience atomization overcome‘:being connected and sharing information through, we can close the gap between people, culture, business and other aspects of our lives through web.

Starry Night Painting…

This is a famous painting by Van Gogh painted Starry Night in 1889 while he was getting treatment in an asylum. Supposedly, he painted this piece from his memory and it was supposed to have been based on the sky of “Provence.” Starry Night is his most famous and mysterious piece of work.

The Starry Night offers a great example of movement in painting. It can sometimes be helpful to show a photograph or another landscape painting to start a discussion with students. Usually landscapes are still and peaceful and the sky offers a calm background. Here, the sky takes center stages and is truly alive. And while the image holds so much energy, creating the painting took planning, precision, and patience.

Understanding the brush stroke is the key to unlocking van Gogh’s style. When students paint, they are usually seeking to fill up areas with color quickly. Here, van Gogh is laying each bit of color down carefully and separately.

I will have my students to do “Art project” on painting and this would be a great example to show. Here is a example of how students are good at painting.

Also this video shows a great example of how student can learn from others painting. 

This was VisualAssignments308..