What Kind Of Teacher Will You Be?

Hmm… What type of teacher do I want to be? As my grandfather said “if you want to be a teacher, be an ideal teacher and spread the wisdom. There are many things interest me to be in different field for teaching. But out off all I want to be an art teacher. I want to depict hope, character, and wisdom for the kids through my teaching knowledge. So, they just not come to the class to pass and go to the next grade and forget everything. I want to make sure through my art teaching kids are able to create imagery in their mind, make sure they can foster envisioning sense for nature, life and future. I want to be a teacher that will inspire all students to succeed in all subjects and believe in themselves.                 

   Art Makes Children Smile Once More…      ^__^

Art Is Fun


This is one of my painting. I find that art helps express myself, and other things. I enjoy painting. Painting is fun because it can be done in so …




9 thoughts on “What Kind Of Teacher Will You Be?

  1. i like art as a subject because it deals with a students imagination. i think its important for you to give them the confidence that any stuff u draw is art, btw what grade you want to teach?

  2. Art, where everyone expresses their way of thinking and the way he or she sees things. I like your subject and wish you the best on becoming an Art teacher. Succeed is the way for all students and you can have that opportunity to make that happen for them.

  3. I love your paintings! To be an art teacher comes with a lot of creativity. Best of luck mixing those primary colors…LOL.

  4. Art is definitely a way of opening the mind to greater things. Art helps us open up and grow. Through art one can express his or herself the way he or she wants.

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