Most Memorable Moments!!!K12


Time passes by but we hold our moments in the frame of picture. I would ask my students for their final project to create a movie with their most memorable pictures. The tools that they would be using are: Windows movie maker, AVS video editor and etc. Additionally, they would create two power-point slides. On the first slide, they would write why the pictures are memorable to them. On second slide, I would want them to put all the pictures together.

The reason why I choose this project for the students is because I want them to collect their memories together and share with their friends on online. Also, by using technology, students could keep their pictures safe and their memories will remain vivid as they grow up. My intention for this project is to get to know the students better, how they grew up, what are their capacities, and their hidden skills. This particular project would help the students and teachers as well. Student will get to know find out what are they actually good at doing..

My video would be a example of how they would do their project.

I have created a video with AVS video editing..everything is done with AVS. I had to record the PowerPoint slide with iPhone then transferred to AVS.

Enjoy the chipmunks 😛



12 thoughts on “Most Memorable Moments!!!K12

  1. This is a very good example of showing your students of what you expect of them.The chipmunks is an excellent choice since it appeals to almost everyone.

  2. I believe this assignment will be a great way to get to know your students better. It’s important for us teacher’s to communicate with our students because that’s the only way we will ever find out their skills. We are not only teacher’s to teach but to build our students in the area of their weakness. We are their support system!

  3. I LOVE your video, i actually watched it last night – love the chipettes ;] Great assignment for the students because it is something they can keep forever and enjoy doing at the same time.

  4. I love this video and I’ve used some of the examples you used in your video to make my myspace pretty when i had one , lol and I like how you used the chippetes, did you watch a tutorial to be able to make the video that way? I would love to learn how you did it?

    • thnx..
      I didn’t watch any tutorial to do this. I was playing around with AVS video editor and figured myself..
      its very easy to do. Download any video editor you will learn to do it as well. You can make a DVD for your self and keep it forever :D,,,
      or keep mine jk lolz….

  5. I LOVE taking pictures, so this would be a superb assignment for me to do. I am actually going to try this when I get home. I love the Chipmunks.

  6. The Chipmunks are so cute!!!! 🙂
    I think the assignment would be a great idea for students to go back and look at the family pictures and memories they have with their family.. Nice Job!

  7. This is such a cute idea and using the chipmunks thumbs up! Kids love the chipmunks so once they hear it they’re definitely listening!

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