Thank you Edupunk….I will move on my own..

This is a modern educational ideology to bring self- sufficiency.  It expresses the notion that If there is no one for help, just remember you have your self. In the mist of this economic crisis, no one will help you but yourself. Everyone is busy running behind money. It is not 1970s anymore, when people would stop and offer help. Being self-sufficient we can save money and earn money as well. If we just know simple things of daily life, we actually don’t need help. The DIY punk ethic also applies to simple everyday living, such as learning bicycle repair rather than taking a bike to a mechanic’s shop, sewing/repairing/modifying clothing rather than buying new clothes, starting vegetable gardens, and reclaiming recyclable products by dumpster diving. As I was doing this assignment, I asked my friend to help me to find info about EDU punk. He said “he is writing his paper”. I said I believe in EDUpunk now, watch this I do my own..So instead of bugging him to help me and create an image, I actually took the time to search in YouTube to help me with Photoshop. And this is what I did: I took my own image and created this visual that tells how technology has improved my daily lives. By doing this on my own I figured and believed what Anya Kamenetz  said about learning..”DIY, or Do-It-Yourself, is a movement about self-reliance and empowerment. DIY communities help each other get the knowledge and tools they need to solve problems and accomplish goals on their own without being told how to act or being forced to spend a lot of money. That can mean growing your own food, fixing your own car, publishing your own writing or putting on your own rock show” I strongly believe if you put the effort to do something you can surly succeed. ..Below is the image I created with Photoshop.



In this video she talks about “Transformation of higher Education“. She gives an outline about what students can do to empower themselves,  what to look out for when going for higher education and to take charge and learn about the things they are really passionate about in a degree that makes sense for THEM. It is inevitable that when building our social networks such as on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc, that we connect with the people and practical experiences that can land us the job at the end of it all.  she is taking about how an individual can make transformation for higher education openness attitude meaning sharing information to others. more socialization in online. build online community this is also good for jobs people who are studying art and music by creating onlline community you are making a resume of self by making porfolio of your work online. You don’t have to have degree from expensive schools, you establish your credential by your work and get hired. But sometimes what we see is how employers can judge potential job seekers when those seekers do not have the requisite college degree, I’d like to point out that the students often manage to get “Degree” without learning much. Many job seekers have experience, references or a portfolio of work that shows their abilities that might be a better indicator of future job performance than a college degree. Employers use the college degree to screen out applicants without even considering them. This is a lazy and stupid way to select employees! Going through four years of college is an expensive way to qualify for consideration for a job for which you may be unfit, while others who might be great employees are locked out of even being considered. How stupid is that?