Most Memorable Moments!!!K12


Time passes by but we hold our moments in the frame of picture. I would ask my students for their final project to create a movie with their most memorable pictures. The tools that they would be using are: Windows movie maker, AVS video editor and etc. Additionally, they would create two power-point slides. On the first slide, they would write why the pictures are memorable to them. On second slide, I would want them to put all the pictures together.

The reason why I choose this project for the students is because I want them to collect their memories together and share with their friends on online. Also, by using technology, students could keep their pictures safe and their memories will remain vivid as they grow up. My intention for this project is to get to know the students better, how they grew up, what are their capacities, and their hidden skills. This particular project would help the students and teachers as well. Student will get to know find out what are they actually good at doing..

My video would be a example of how they would do their project.

I have created a video with AVS video editing..everything is done with AVS. I had to record the PowerPoint slide with iPhone then transferred to AVS.

Enjoy the chipmunks 😛


Watch this video and look better on your picture!!

It’s been always a curiosity to me, how model’s face looks immaculate on their photos. I have been looking for tools to identify the hidden truth. This tutorial video shows how Photoshop can change your facial look just clicking the cursor. I have made this video with just simply with my iPhone. First, I have chosen a picture of a model then changed her facial look with the photoshop makeup.

Starry Night Painting…

This is a famous painting by Van Gogh painted Starry Night in 1889 while he was getting treatment in an asylum. Supposedly, he painted this piece from his memory and it was supposed to have been based on the sky of “Provence.” Starry Night is his most famous and mysterious piece of work.

The Starry Night offers a great example of movement in painting. It can sometimes be helpful to show a photograph or another landscape painting to start a discussion with students. Usually landscapes are still and peaceful and the sky offers a calm background. Here, the sky takes center stages and is truly alive. And while the image holds so much energy, creating the painting took planning, precision, and patience.

Understanding the brush stroke is the key to unlocking van Gogh’s style. When students paint, they are usually seeking to fill up areas with color quickly. Here, van Gogh is laying each bit of color down carefully and separately.

I will have my students to do “Art project” on painting and this would be a great example to show. Here is a example of how students are good at painting.

Also this video shows a great example of how student can learn from others painting. 

This was VisualAssignments308..

Happiness and Making Friends…

The happiness of meeting again after a long time

Happiness is having freinds come visit….

No happiness is possible without friendship. We humans are like social animals–we cannot live by or for ourselves and get away with it. We must get along with others to the best of our ability. The better we get along with others, the more freinds we are apt to have and the happier we are liable to be. :D……

This picture made me miss my freinds :(..


What Kind Of Teacher Will You Be?

Hmm… What type of teacher do I want to be? As my grandfather said “if you want to be a teacher, be an ideal teacher and spread the wisdom. There are many things interest me to be in different field for teaching. But out off all I want to be an art teacher. I want to depict hope, character, and wisdom for the kids through my teaching knowledge. So, they just not come to the class to pass and go to the next grade and forget everything. I want to make sure through my art teaching kids are able to create imagery in their mind, make sure they can foster envisioning sense for nature, life and future. I want to be a teacher that will inspire all students to succeed in all subjects and believe in themselves.                 

   Art Makes Children Smile Once More…      ^__^

Art Is Fun


This is one of my painting. I find that art helps express myself, and other things. I enjoy painting. Painting is fun because it can be done in so …